Relax, Cortana makes air travel easier | Bing Search Blog

Cortana’s always tracked your flights, but like any great personal assistant, Cortana now goes above and beyond to help you with your trip.


Relax, Cortana makes air travel easier | Bing Search Blog

When a flight confirmation email hits any of the inboxes on your phone, Cortana infers you have an upcoming trip and will ask you whether you need help tracking the trip.


If you say yes, Cortana tracks this trip in the Notebook, allowing you to find key trip-related information, all in one place — no more sifting through multiple emails or different email accounts to find the information you need. Your trip plan contains your itinerary and other useful tools to make sure you have a fantastic trip.


Relax, Cortana makes air travel easier | Bing Search Blog

You can now access all your flight and travel plans at any time, just by asking Cortana “show me my flights” or “show me my trips”. Or you can pull up specific flights in a number of ways, including through a combination of destination, month of trip and airlines — e.g. “show me my flights to Seattle in December with Emirates.” Business travelers would find this a handy way to plan trips with other colleagues headed to the same destination.


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